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Monday, December 6, 2010

New jobs on the table hopefully not call center types of helpdesk....

Help Desk

as Being mainly the only offering with almost a Masters Degree , theirs mainly Call Center work.

however the non Glued to the phone positions with Desk-side support I can Hang with 

the Last Call Center Was getting me Kinda Dreary trapped behind a desk , After 13 years in IT , I'm more to the point I like face to Face interaction , Mixed duties and I'm far better than just entry level work on offer but have to often try to re-stomach it 

So Since I have experiance On my own time I'm doing consulting work to make up for the bleak IT outlook that is In Indianapolis , IN as the recession squeezes harder. 

For Seimans , they call it helpdesk , its really more of an entry level Active directory Administration job along with ticketing etc ,  perhaps some deskside support and trouble calls. 

or with the City of Indianapolis , In for actual feild work , 

or an offer from the Indiana BMV , for feild work as well ,

Contracts up for grabs makes me antsy , however I look forward to getting a few side contracts of my own.

Lampooning helpdesk jobs , I'll take them if I have too , I just can'a stand them with a phone glued to my head and 5 calls per second , I'd rather work desk-side support really 

I can fix the problem myself , instead of just ticketing and letting it fester. is live
 is finally migrated over to Google Apps , however little time to rest on my Laurels as much house keeping and
 Improvements are  is still needed. 

It is a Vast improvement to things and will hopefully help me Capture a better Client  base 
by Fixing up my Personal website , linked to my Small Business site. 


but the only thing of annoyance with Google apps Free , as my personal Site space only needs a few things is 
Lack of Picasa-web which is useful for site images and or common image sharing and make making adds easier and 

Blogger custom domains  with a Sub-domain option ie blog then "My-Domain" .com , net etc. 

wish list would Include adding Blogger to Free as well as Picasa as uploading images logs and etc via picasa tool is 
painless , and often very much faster , however as for my site or picasa web I have doubts of using terribly much space , just a few pica
and other things to help Evangelize my Websites or logos and typical images on a website or logos etc.